Empty Sacredness

from by KES



I wrote this when my Grandmother died in 1998 (I was 17!). Whoa. When I wrote it, I believed in a god. Now I do not. I'm sharing it now b/c it's a pretty good song and seems appropriate to Team Smile and Nod's upcoming release, Mourning Time. I figure, it likely won't be released, so I may as well share a little snippet of my past with you. I hope you like it. It's weird to hear my ultra-young voice... to me, anyways.


from Demos From Forever Ago, released June 1, 2000




Team Smile and Nod Columbus

Team Smile and Nod is an electro folk pop duo from Columbus, Ohio that formed in 2004. About a week after swapping demo CDs, Rich Ratvasky (artist-producer) surprised Kara E. Sherman (singer-songwriter) with a remix of one of her songs. Inspired by the remix, they merged their musical styles into an upbeat, melody-driven, politically-inspired fusion. ... more

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